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Idea Mapping - A Learning WorkshopIdea Mapping Certification Process

Welcome to the Idea Mapping certification process!  Your journey will be both challenging and rewarding.  You are embarking on a quest to be part of an exclusive team of high-quality facilitators dedicated to bringing Idea Maps and greater learning to individuals and businesses around the world. 

Pre-requisite: Attend the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop.  This pre-requisite needs to be completed prior to your enrolment in the actual certification course.  This allows you time to internalize the concepts and to practice and apply the techniques taught during these two days.  Click here to see a schedule of upcoming 2-day workshops.

Caution: Your enrolment in this process is a large commitment and is not for everyone.  I'm sure that you have heard of accreditation programs that certify anyone who has a pulse as long as they pay the fee!  This process is not like that.  Certified Idea Mapping Facilitators (IMFs) are well-trained, highly qualified professionals that can facilitate an amazing learning experience for a variety of audiences.

To discuss possible qualification and receive details about this certification process, send a request to or call 1-866-896-1024 toll free or 1-734-207-5287 within the USA.


Required Materials:

Idea Mapping Book

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Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

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